Barande Bash

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Barande Bash is the only official way to enter participants and spectators into the “win-win” big contest run by Mr. Mohammad Reza Golzar, who runs the third Sima TV network. To participate in the quiz after installing the app, you must answer questions to score. At the beginning of the contest, you will receive 5 free questions.

If you answer the question correctly, the number of questions you ask will not be reduced, but if you answer incorrectly or reject the question without an answer. A question will be reduced to the total number of your questions. With every correct answer, 100 points, every wrong answer, 5 points and each unanswered question, 20 points will be added to you, and you will receive a lottery code for every 1000 points. Every week, 300 people will be selected by lottery to be members of the app to appear as a spectator in the studio.

Get involved in the contest:

The condition of participation in this lottery is at least 1 lottery code (1000 points). Each week, 2 matches will be held and 2 participants will be in the competition. Every week, the top 8 people who won the week, will be invited to a grand race to try their luck for the 1 billion rials.

At the end of each week and after selecting the top players, the lottery codes will remain in your account until the end of the season, but your score will be zero until the next week the odds of all users are equal. At the end of each season, a large lottery will take place among the users whose awards will be announced on the third network of CIMAs. If you have no questions left to answer the questions incorrectly or without a response, then you can ask the following four questions: Get 3 questions free of charge for free by calling 10 free questions from your friends. (This section will be added shortly), get 20 free questions by installing the apps (this section will be added soon), and you can also get question packs and get 30 to 1440 questions.
Note: By purchasing question packs from 1 to 1440, you will receive lottery code. Meanwhile, by answering questions, you can earn more points and get a lottery code for every 1,000 points in addition to gift codes.

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