It is often assumed that sexual health problems occur in most men purely because of age or that the only problems they face are related to dissatisfaction in bed. But the point is, sexual health is linked to your overall well-being, and sexual health issues can appear at any age and affect your quality of life.

Unfortunately, as a study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care in 2018 indicates, sexual health is a poorly recognized public health problem in India and is often stigmatized, resulting in significant delays or lack of timely and appropriate treatment. This is quite a shame because many male sexual health problems can be treated and cured if caught early.

Here are 10 common sexual health issues that no man should ignore, but rather get treated ASAP:

1. Decreased libido: It is natural that your libido will not be the same as that of the next man, but if you observe a sudden drop in libido, it is best to see a doctor. Low libido can be caused by underlying issues like low testosterone levels, sleep apnea, chronic pain, cancer, and psychological issues.

2. Incontinence: Incontinence refers to the leakage of urine that occurs when you put pressure on your bladder while coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, etc. This problem may indicate prostate or urinary tract problems.

3. Chronic fatigue: Lack of stamina and sexual desire can also be the result of chronic fatigue, which in turn can be caused by testicular damage, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and other health issues.

4. Erectile dysfunction: To struggle or not to maintain an erection can be caused by multiple issues like psychological issues, alcohol or drug abuse and illnesses like heart disease, diabetes etc. Take a thorough examination.

5. Penis shape: The natural shape of your penis is not of concern unless there is a curve or curvature accompanied by pain. It could be a sign of Peyronie’s disease, so see your doctor right away.

6. Premature ejaculation: Anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, inexperience, and a long period of abstinence can lead to premature ejaculation. Instead of being ashamed of it, you should consult a doctor or expert about it if it happens repeatedly.

7. Testicular lumps: Cysts, inflammation, infections, and cancer can occur in the testes. It is therefore very important to regularly check the absence of lumps in your testicles. Any abnormal growth should be reported to the doctor immediately.

8. Infertility: Infertility isn’t just about your ability to have children. The makeup of your semen should be checked regularly as it may also be linked to other underlying illnesses.

9. Male breasts: Derisively referred to as man boobs, gynecomastia male boobs can occur due to weight gain and hormonal issues. Weight loss and a thorough check-up can help fix this problem easily, so you shouldn’t be ashamed to talk to a doctor about it.

10. Smelly penis: You might think it’s just sweat, but a lingering unpleasant odor could be a sign of a fungal or bacterial infection. Even yeast infections can cause bad smells, so don’t take this lightly.

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