SINGAPORE – A 68-year-old man with erectile dysfunction who tried to rape a domestic worker less than a month after he started working for the family was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison on Monday, October 18.

The man pleaded guilty to one charge of attempted rape and one charge of sexual assault by penetration committed in June and July 2019 against the Indonesian aide, then 25.

Six other charges, for various sexual offenses, were considered. It cannot be caned because it is over 50 years old.

The High Court heard that the housekeeper started working for the man, then 66, on May 9, 2019, helping with household chores and looking after his granddaughter as she went. that the child was deposited by his parents.

As the man was unemployed while his wife worked six days a week, the maid was often left alone in the apartment with him.

On the morning of June 7, 2019, he picked up a condom he had bought earlier and knocked on his door after the cleaning lady returned to his room after showering.

The woman opened the door because she thought the man needed something urgently.

Entering her room, he commented that she smelled good and gave her a hug.

The maid resisted his advances, but he pushed her onto her mattress and immobilized her.

The man tried to have sex with her, but was unable to do so. He then committed other sexual acts on her.

The victim managed to free himself and hid in the toilet until the man left his room.

She decided to remain silent because she was hoping it was a one-time incident and because she needed to support her family.

The maid decided to lock her door at night, but the man unlocked her with a spare key in the middle of the night and attempted to rape her again. Court documents did not indicate when this had happened.

On June 29, she enlisted the help of a fellow domestic worker, who gave her the contact details of a contact at the Domestic Workers Center but advised her to obtain evidence of the assaults.

She was initially reluctant to file a report because the man’s wife was kind to her.

On July 1, the maid was resting in her room when the man entered and held her down.

She picked up her cell phone and managed to film part of the incident before running out of the room.

Later that afternoon, the man sexually raped her again.

That same day, the maid decided to ask for help at the center and provided the video. The police were called and the man was arrested.

A medical report said he was probably suffering from erectile dysfunction.

On Monday, Deputy Prosecutor Angela Ang requested a 15-and-a-half-year prison sentence, arguing that the man had taken advantage of his position as the victim’s employer and sought opportunities to commit his wrongdoing.

Defense lawyer Sunil Sudheesan has requested a 10-year term. He argued that it was the first time that the man, who had previously had domestic workers, had made an “unusual mistake”.