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Does cannabis affect men’s sexual health

Breadcrumb Links Medical Love & Sex Life Health There is a lot of information floating around the interwebs about how weed affects your erection. What is the truth ? Publication date : August 30, 2019 • January 24, 2020 • 2 minute read Cannabis may not impact sexual health as previously thought. Photo by Getty […]

Ghanaian man fixing sexual health proble...

Notwithstanding the important role that sex plays in the production of human beings and continuous generations, it is also a very enjoyable activity. People have sex for a variety of reasons. However, a key aspect of sex, whatever the goal, is the health aspect. Sexual health refers to the state on the well-being of the […]

Men’s Sexual Health May Benefit From Dai

Men who participated in a recent 14-week clinical trial reported that adding two handfuls of nuts to their daily diet improved sexual function. Eighty-three healthy men between the ages of 18 and 35 participated in the study. In addition to eating nuts, they ate a standard Western-style diet. This diet is traditionally low in products […]

Ghostpartum: Why Many Women Don’t Get th

“Can I get a doctor’s note so that I don’t have to have sex with my husband for six weeks?” “ One of my postpartum patients recently asked me this, half-jokingly. As usual, I laughed with her first, then got to the heart of the issue that had plagued my sleep-deprived postpartum patient for 6 […]