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Choose your payday lender wisely

For the millions of Americans struggling to afford an unexpected expense, high-interest payday and online loans may seem like acceptable options despite the inherent risk. But guidelines issued by federal regulators in the spring could bring a competitor to small-dollar lending: banks. The guidelines omit a previous suggestion from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. that […]

10 common sexual health problems men sho...

It is often assumed that sexual health problems occur in most men purely because of age or that the only problems they face are related to dissatisfaction in bed. But the point is, sexual health is linked to your overall well-being, and sexual health issues can appear at any age and affect your quality of […]

Viagra Doesn’t Solve All Sexual Problems

Viagra, the miracle drug for men suffering from impotence, is not a cure for all sexual health problems, according to a new study. Since it hit the scene, men have complained less about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation than about low sex drive and penile curvature, according to a new Italian study. “Over a 10-year […]

More men now report low libido, Peyronie...

Male infertility is a rarely discussed topic. However, doctors have seen an increase in the number of male patients going to sexual health clinics for help in recent years. Doctors have found that different sexual health issues reported by men were not prevalent before, which also indicates greater awareness and openness regarding male sexual health. […]