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Why payday loan use is on the rise durin...

Payday lenders targeting low-income people are nothing new. Short-term, high-interest loans which are often intended for minorities in rural areas, have the potential to create a spiral of debt from which many find it difficult to break free. In 2018, for example, more than 33,000 payday loans were taken out each week in Alabama, according […]

Russia’s delinquent payday loan portfoli

The number of overdue payday loans in Russia hit a record 5.4 million in February, according to credit rating agency Equifax. In total, Russians owe 172 billion rubles ($2.2 billion) to microfinance organizations – very short-term loans that usually come with high interest rates and are designed to keep borrowers going for a few weeks. […]

IU Health Center offers virtual resource...

The Student Health Center is one of the main providers of sexual health resources at IU. Students can access resources ranging from contraception to one-on-one sexual health counseling with a certified sexuality educator. Heather Eastman-Mueller, deputy director of sexual and reproductive health, said the Student Health Center’s sexual and reproductive health department offers a variety […]

Illinois adopts strict payday loan limit...

Illinois has joined the growing number of states that have clamped down on high-cost payday loans, but it has taken a different route to get there: the state house. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D) signed legislation March 23 that caps interest rates on payday loans, auto title loans and installment loans at 36%. Similar efforts […]

This Legislation Could End Illinois’ Pay

Kesha Warren needed a short-term cash injection of $ 1,250 to cover the salary costs of her small janitorial services business. In 2019, she took out an auto title loan, a short-term loan that uses the borrower’s vehicle as collateral. She says she has been cut off from more traditional bank loans. “No one wants […]