Sexual health is arguably one of the least talked about topics. But does that mean people don’t suffer from sexual health issues?

As a man, it is difficult to talk about your problems in bed, however, these problems are extremely common and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Experts estimate that one in ten men face a sexual problem, and almost all men experience sexual problems at least once in their life.

From erectile dysfunction to low libido, when sexual problems are so common, their solutions should be commonly available as well.

Here are seven of the most common problems encountered by men and their possible solutions.

1. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is nothing more than an inability to get or maintain an erection. Since it is essential for any man to engage in sexual activity, this is certainly a cause for concern.


Certain physical illnesses like heart and blood pressure problems and diabetes can often lead to erectile dysfunction. Other lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol and other types of drugs, and chronic stress and worry can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, ED is not incurable and can be treated.

The solution:

The wisest thing to do is to consult a professional and get the right treatment for yourself. Your ED could be related to heart problems and you should rule it out. From medications to therapies, your treatment may vary depending on the causes of your problem.


2. Premature ejaculation

As the name suggests, premature ejaculation refers to ejaculating earlier than expected. This is common in men of all age groups and has mainly psychological causes. Stress, worry, anxiety related to your performance in bed, relationship issues, depression, to name a few, are common causes of premature ejaculation.


Note that this is not an “illness” and is not even a problem as long as you don’t mind it.

The solution:

Undergoing therapy is considered the most effective way for you to determine the cause of this problem. In general, try to engage in activities that help boost the hormones for happiness such as dancing, meditation, yoga, exercising, or any other activity that brings you joy.


3. Delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation

This condition develops when one experiences difficulty in reaching a climax after a prolonged period of sexual stimulation. In some cases, it may not peak at all. The causes can be psychological as well as physical.


Physical causes include neurological problems, infections like UTIs, and hormone-related issues. The use of certain types of medications and drugs can also cause this condition.

The solution:

Improve your lifestyle and try to minimize your alcohol consumption. Prioritize your mental health if your causes include depression, stress, or relationship problems, and see a psychologist to help.


4. Low libido

Low libido is a common side effect of aging. However, if you are facing this problem as a healthy young adult, other causes could be causing this problem. These include lack of sleep, low testosterone, lack of exercise, substance abuse, depression, and stress.


The solution:

Raising your testosterone levels is one of the most effective ways to improve your libido. You can always see a professional and take medication to help with the treatment.


5. Poor endurance

The reasons for poor endurance or fatigue are mainly physical and sometimes psychological. The most common causes are thyroid disorders, poor diet, lack of exercise, and a poor sleep routine.


The solution:

You can naturally improve your endurance in bed through an effective workout routine and diet. Work on improving your cardiovascular health and increasing your testosterone levels and you are sure to improve your endurance as well.


6. Fertility problems

Poor quality or quantity of semen, injuries and some chronic health problems can be the cause. Fertility problems can also arise due to age and are often couples with other sexual health dysfunctions like erection and ejaculation problems.


The solution:

There are many treatments available to boost fertility in men, including supplements and medications. You can always try a natural supplement while taking professional help and see for yourself what works best for you.


7. Low testosterone

Low testosterone is not only a problem for your sex life, but also for your physical health. This can lead to fatigue, poor sleep, fat gain, as well as low libido and poor sexual health. Fortunately, you can easily increase testosterone levels naturally.


The solution:

There are many scientifically proven ways to boost testosterone in men. Whether it’s taking the right supplements or eating the right foods, improving your diet can have a major impact on your sexual well-being.


The bottom line

We hope this article has helped you answer many of your questions about men’s sexual health. Your sexual health is a huge indicator of the state of your mental and physical health. Listen to your body and your health will be back on track.

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