And just like John, many of these men who have ED abandons treatment entirely, because they are unaware of the options they really have.

Fortunately, this is where the men’s health platform Mosh is coming: the online service is aimed at men suffering from erectile dysfunction (as well as a bunch of other men’s health issues) by offering discreet online consultations with medical experts and affordable clinical treatment at your doorstep. Led by Urological and Prosthetic Surgeon Dr Christopher Love, all of the doctors on the platform are 100% independent, meaning your doctor has no incentive to force you into an expensive or unnecessary treatment plan.

“Depending on the cause of the erectile dysfunction, things can’t always get back to normal, but there are always ways to help or restore a man’s erections, ”says Dr Christopher Love. “Initially, I want men to know why they have OF and how this might relate to their general health, both physical and mental, but also to understanding that there is a range of treatment options.

Treatment options

There are a multitude of oral medications that are clinically proven to treat OF that work for most men, but finding the right fit is a whole other game of the ball.

At the Mosh Men’s Health Platform, the doctors and nurses on the team can assess your situation and your treatment plan without meeting with you in person – they do so by asking questions to assess your symptoms in order to improve. ensure that it is safe and appropriate to prescribe. OF medication. They will then use your answers to diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan tailored just for you.

Once you have received the best treatment option, Mosh’s subscription service means you will receive a new set of medicines every 3 months at registered Australian pharmacies. The plan includes nursing follow-ups, educational support materials and ongoing medical support, including referrals / referrals to other specialists, at no additional cost.

“Online platforms like Mosh to offer a wonderful opportunity to provide quality medical care to a larger part of the population, especially in “difficult” or “embarrassing” areas such as ED, explains Dr. Love. “This form of medical consultation and treatment will grow and expand and, I believe, become a very viable alternative to traditional medical consultation. It was important to me that by using Mosh, patients received the most accurate and up-to-date advice and were informed of all the choices available to them. In the domain of OF there has been a tendency, in traditional GP consultations, not to really discuss things, or to understand the needs and expectations of individuals, and to offer erection pills without describing treatment options if they are do not work.

As for the other options, there is always surgery (urological surgeons can place a penile prosthetic implant in the penis), alternative medical treatments like penile injections (a drug that can increase blood flow when it is injected into the penis or when inserted as a suppository into the opening at the end of the penis) or shock wave therapy (low intensity, non-invasive sound waves pass through erectile tissue to promote blood flow).

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