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While there is no shortage of treatments for male conditions like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss, there are many perceived barriers to accessing them. Many traditional treatments are considered overpriced, impractical, or have aggressive sales reps, to name a few.

Australian company Mosh is trying to solve these problems by offering a wide range of men’s health services through a fully online platform. Hair loss, sexual and mental health, and skin care support are currently available, with general general health services in the works.

Launched about four years ago, Mosh is already making strides in men’s health.

“We are a fast growing startup, transforming the way men interact with their health by creating a transparent and tech online men’s healthcare brand,” the company said. “We digitally connect customers (telehealth) with accredited Australian GPs and through our platform GPs can access a larger footprint to see more patients with similar issues, leveraging their expertise. “

Mosh addresses a number of pain points that men experience when it comes to the health industry and the search for treatments. The convenience of telehealth can save time on commuting and waiting to see a doctor, while providing some discretion. Free delivery and low cost treatments are possible due to its lean operating structure and low overhead.

The company dedicates these savings to the customer experience, offering no lock-in contracts, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and flexible payment terms.

Mosh also doesn’t have a sales staff, so there’s no pressure to sign up if you decide one of the treatments isn’t right for you, it’s all fully automated. Most importantly, all doctors are qualified and work independently from the Mosh department. Knowing that there is no single solution in terms of health, the treatments are adapted to each member.

“Our team has a wide range of treatment options combining a specific dosage of clinically proven solutions and our proprietary non-prescription products which were developed after extensive R&D,” said Mosh. “This highly personalized treatment plan provides safe and effective solutions. “

Mosh aims to tackle the traditional concept of masculinity and seek help by becoming “Your Companion, the Doctor”. “Our goal is to give men the help they need without all the hassle, seriousness and sometimes the embarrassment of seeing your GP,” explains the Mosh website.

Those who wish to try the service will first be asked questions about their health and medical history, which will be evaluated by Mosh’s team of doctors in order to develop an effective treatment plan. If treatment requires a prescription, you will speak to an Australian GP via call, video or text before the articles are quietly posted directly to you.

Care can be one-off or on a quarterly subscription basis, in which case you will always be supplied with care by post.

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