When we decide on a bank loan, we must remember a few rules that will definitely make it easier for us to receive additional funds. A loan for proof without earnings certificates is usually one that is paid out quickly and easily, enabling us to use it quickly – which is important in situations where time counts. What’s more, we can simplify this process further.

Cash loan for a statement – what do you need to know?

Cash loan for a statement - what do you need to know?

Here are some useful tips that you may want to apply for extra money.

  1. We compare offers before submitting the application. We often forget about it, especially if we need money urgently and that is why we decide on a cash loan based on the statement. However, it is worth knowing which of the institutions will offer us the cheapest offer and the most favorable conditions. To get a clear and easy comparison of bank loans, you can use the help of an intermediary or online loan comparison websites. We will quickly receive information about the most interesting offers and choose only the most advantageous ones, which will help us to summarize their most important features.
  2. We care about your credit history. It is not a good idea to submit several different applications to check which bank will grant us a loan. This significantly affects our scoring in the Credit Information Bureau, to which inquiries about our credit history are sent. The rule is simple: the more queries. the lower our credibility. With this in mind, we should submit no more than two or three loan applications.
  3. We respect your time. At a time when most banks offer us a cash loan without income certificates, offers in which we have to provide a number of documents are definitely less attractive. Therefore, by respecting our time and energy, we can thank for cooperation those institutions that require too many confirmations and attestations.
  4. We read credit documents. The offer itself is of course very important, but we must remember that we read the most information in the loan regulations and the table of fees and commissions. If the conditions seem too good for us – it is worth looking at whether the bank does not want to smuggle additional costs in the form of insurance or high commissions. Getting a loan quickly without income certificates is tempting, but we should definitely keep cool and use common sense. The old good rule of reading carefully what is written in “small print” for credit and loan products must be strictly observed. However, if the provisions in the credit or loan agreement raise our reservations or we are not entirely sure what they result in and may result in, it is worth seeking the opinion of specialists and using a credit advisor. People who deal with this professionally will be able to assess what we are signing so precisely and what it involves.

When is it worth using a loan without certificates?

When is it worth using a loan without certificates?

There are as many reasons as people who decide to borrow money. The undoubted advantage of such a loan is that we will receive it much faster. We also do not need to involve anyone other than ourselves in the credit process. The bank will not make phone calls to the employer to confirm our income, and we will not have to ask for a salary certificate. Thanks to this, the entire credit procedure will be shortened by at least a few days. A proof loan without proof of income is the best solution when you need money quickly. These can be sudden trips, unexpected expenses, the need to buy expensive medicines or private visits to specialists, gifts for the holidays or other important occasions. Such a loan works also when we want to minimize formalities. We do not need to provide extensive documentation, which can sometimes pose a lot of problems, and the money will be in our account in a few hours.

Loan without earnings certificates – pros and cons

Loan without earnings certificates - pros and cons

A loan for a statement has a lot of good sides, but of course its biggest advantage is the time when we get the money. When the bank reduces formalities, the money will usually be on our account the same day. In some cases – even at lower amounts or when we are a customer of a given bank with a good credit history – the funds can be withdrawn almost automatically. Thanks to this, we can quickly meet the needs for which we need them. We take care of the formalities in the shortest possible time, and we only need one document, i.e. our ID card, of course, valid. Finding the right offer is also easy because the credit market without certificates is very wide. All you need is a few minutes of our time, an internet search engine and a simple password – the name of the bank and product we are looking for, eg ” Santander cash loan without certificates “. We will receive a number of results, among which we will find both credit offers and the opportunity to submit an application online. This will further reduce the waiting time for decisions and money.

It is difficult to find disadvantages among so many advantages. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that dealing with credit matters so quickly can put our vigilance down. We are then exposed to signing the documents without getting to know them and the details of the commitment we are choosing. Such quick solutions can also be compensated by banks with additional fees in the form of high commissions or fees for starting a loan. That is why it is so important to use common sense when concluding a loan agreement and read it carefully, and in case of any doubts regarding its provisions – consult a credit counselor.

Where to look for a loan based on a statement?

There are two ways to look for a suitable loan offer. The first is cooperation with banks, which are at least a dozen on the market. Each of them has several credit offers for different clients. Some banks distinguish specific professional groups by offering them special credit terms, while others attract with low cost loans. When taking a loan from a bank, we must remember that it has specific rules. Banks always use the help of the Credit Information Bureau and check our repayment history. If it is negative, they usually refuse to grant the loan, or indicate what obligations must be repaid in order to apply for it in some time. In addition, banks’ offer for loans based on the statement can be very limited. Such loans are most often offered to customers who have been using the services of a given bank for a long time, have a bank account there, transfer their salary to it and use a payment card. Then it is so easy for the bank to verify the credibility of such a client that he offers credit without any resistance without resistance. It is definitely more difficult to obtain for customers who have not previously cooperated with a given bank. The undoubted advantage of taking loans from banks is that there are very transparent rules and we can be sure that we borrow money in accordance with applicable law. These loans are therefore cheaper, although slightly more difficult to obtain .

The second way is to seek help among loan companies. These are institutions where it is extremely easy to get a loan. They can use the BIK database, but they often do not and borrow money regardless of the customer’s credit history. They take care of the formalities very quickly – there are companies that withdraw funds even within a few minutes of submitting an application. This is definitely the best proposition for those people who are in a hurry. Loan companies also do not require additional documents – usually a customer statement is enough to get the expected loan. You do not have to be a long-time customer to receive money from a loan company. When using its services for the first time, we can also receive a very interesting cooperation offer. So what are the disadvantages of taking out loans in these types of institutions? They are often more expensive than bank loans. In this way, loan companies compensate for the greater risk they incur by providing quick loans. However, this is not the rule. There are many offers available on the Internet in which the annual real interest rate (APRC) is 0%. In practice, this means that we will give the company exactly as much money as we borrowed from it. This offer usually applies only to the first loan taken out in a given company, and its amounts do not exceed two or three thousand zlotys. However, it remains a very good proposition for people who have never used such a loan, and this amount will be sufficient to meet current needs.