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Dr. SK Jain’s Burlington Clinic – A Plac

Bangalore, First published Aug 24, 2021, 5:33 PM IST Achieving a leadership position throughout the world is not easy in the medical field, especially in sexology. But Dr SK Jain’s Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd. is a world famous sex therapist clinic in Delhi and Noida which achieves a good reputation image among the people. It […]

All Men Should Know These Facts About Se...

Sexual dysfunction in men can manifest itself with various issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido and more. Although many men are familiar with these common issues, they might have a hard time talking about them. In fact, some men wait years to present their problems to a doctor. Therefore, we thought to […]

‘Discuss sexual problems with your child

It was revealed during the Youth Month commemoration organized by the Botswana police that this put the girl in a very compromising position. As a result, some decided to prostitute themselves to take care of themselves while others fell prey to wealthy but elderly men as well as increased cases of gender-based violence. This is […]

Teenagers hide sexual problems, girls do...

Visakhapatnam: It may sound strange, but teenage boys, not girls, are reluctant to share their health and sexual concerns with health counselors. This was observed in a study conducted by the Population Research Center of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on health problems in adolescents. No less than 200 school and middle school […]

Women shouldn’t suffer in silence with v

This article is part of the HuffPost Canada online archive, which closed in 2021. Many women suffer from vaginal and sexual health problems silently as they age, but few discuss them with their doctor. This is a key finding of a new study of Cleveland University Hospitals Medical Center. Although this is a society saturated […]

Cordyceps not recommended for sexual pro...

Himalayan yarsagumba is a big deal here. You may know it by its other name: cordyceps. And Singaporeans are the biggest consumers, according to the New York Times. Cordyceps, or dongcong xiacao in Chinese, is a parasitic fungus that germinates in the living larvae of ghost butterflies in winter. Ms. Lily Ong, 60, who has […]

5 Report on the Sexual Problems of Mille...

Sexual dysfunction is mainly associated with old age, but a new UK study reports that Millennial Sexual Problems exist, and 44.4% of women and 33.8% of men aged 16 to 21 deal with them. By analyzing the sexual habits of young Britons, the National survey on sexual attitudes and lifestyles highlights a variety of intimate […]