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According to Choice Men’s Health, 8 of the 12 most commonly prescribed drugs can cause erectile dysfunction in men. High blood pressure medications are the most common culprit as they are prescribed for a variety of conditions, not just those with abnormal blood pressure. The article also discusses prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), recreational, and illegal drugs that can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction.

The article begins by addressing the elephant in the room and the mechanism by which hypertension or high blood pressure causes erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure causes the arteries to harden and narrow, which limits blood flow to the penis. However, once a man with hypertension starts taking blood pressure medication, his blood pressure drops along with the volume of blood flowing to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction. Several types of blood pressure medications that work on the same basic physiological principle, including ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), beta-blockers, alpha-blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics or diuretics, can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

The Choice Men’s Health article goes on to explain the effect of antidepressants and psychiatric drugs, as this class of drugs is known to have sexual side effects. According to CDC statistics, between 2015 and 2018, 8.4% of all adult men in the United States used antidepressants, making it one of the most commonly abused drugs in the country.

Antidepressants alter levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that modulates mood, cognition, reward, learning, memory, and many other physiological processes. This causes an imbalance of other hormones including testosterone which influences sexual arousal, libido and the ability to have an erection. Antidepressants also influence the level of dopamine, which also plays a role in orgasms. Anxiolytics (anxiolytic drugs) and antipsychotics are known to have a similar effect.

Another class of commonly prescribed drugs that the article says can surprisingly cause erectile dysfunction are antihistamines, drugs that treat allergic rhinitis, colds, flu, and other allergies. Antihistamine drugs like Benadryl, Dramamine and Phenergan block the action of histamine, a chemical in the body involved in healthy erections and allergic reactions. Acid reflux medications, which also affect histamine, such as cimetidine, ranitidine, and famotidine, can also affect the ability to have an erection at varying levels.

The use of opioids, either in the form of medically prescribed painkillers such as oxycodone, or in the form of illegally obtained drugs such as heroin or fentanyl, is also known to play a role in the onset of dysfunction. erectile. Opioids alter signals between the testicles, pituitary and hypothalamus of the brain, leading to a sharp drop in testosterone, causing erectile dysfunction and reducing fertility.

The article then mentions other causes of erectile dysfunction in men, including physical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hormonal disorders, nerve disorders, trauma or pelvic surgery. Psychological issues such as stress, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, worry about sexual performance, and other emotional issues can also cause erectile dysfunction. Finally, the abuse of legal and illegal addictive substances such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methadone, amphetamines and barbiturates are also risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

A spokesperson for Choice Men’s Health talks about the steps people struggling with erectile dysfunction can take, saying, “Erectile dysfunction can be a difficult topic to discuss with friends or family because there is a stigma associated with erectile dysfunction. talking about men’s health issues. This discomfort is exacerbated by the unrealistic and narrow-minded restrictions that society imposes on men regarding their masculinity. Having helped countless men facing the same circumstances, we understand what you might be going through. If you need someone you can talk to freely to help you regain your physical and mental well-being, Choice Men’s Health is here to support you along the way. Contact us today for more information about our services and some of our cutting-edge treatments, like the acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction that we offer.


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