SAN ANTONIO- – Scientists around the world have found that COVID-19 vaccines are not linked to infertility. However, new research shows that the virus itself can be.

The KSAT Trust Index team was asked to verify the claim that COVID-19 could affect a man’s sexual health, so we dove into some recent studies to find out.

A new study from Belgium found that men had lower sperm motility and counts for two months after having COVID-19. It showed that sperm motility was reduced in 60% of men less than a month after COVID-19 infection, 37% of men one to two months after COVID-19 infection, and 28% of men more than two months after infection.

Then an even larger study from Boston University, funded by the National Institutes of Health, linked the virus that causes COVID-19 to male fertility issues.

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“Male partners, if they had a COVID infection two months before an opportunity to conceive, there was a decreased chance of getting pregnant,” said Dr. Jason Bowling, an infectious disease expert from the University Health System. and UT Health San Antonio.

Couples in which the male partner had tested positive within two months were 18% less likely to conceive.

The study mentioned the possible reasons for this temporary drop in fertility:

  • fever, a common symptom of COVID-19, is known to reduce sperm count and motility

  • inflammation of the testicles and nearby tissues

  • erectile dysfunction

The researchers mentioned that these are all common after COVID, and Dr. Bowling said another study confirms this.

“There was a study from the University of Florida that showed that for men who have acute COVID infection, they are three times more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction than if they don’t. of COVID infection,” Dr. Bowling said.

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Researchers from all three studies noted that the problems could potentially be prevented by vaccination.

“Even more reasons for couples who are worried about getting pregnant or fertility issues to get the COVID vaccine,” Bowling said.

So, the claim that getting COVID-19 could affect male sexual health is true on the KSAT Confidence Index.

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