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AHMEDABAD: The stress and strain triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic seem to have lingering effects. Even when Covid cases remain rather low-key, the prolonged impact of stress on libido has sent sales of sexual enhancers and rejuvenation drugs skyrocketing. In fact, data compiled by All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD)-AWACS revealed that Gujarat recorded a 72% increase in sales of drugs in this category in June 2022 compared to the corresponding month of the year. former.
Chemists and pharmacists attribute this spike in sales to the relentless stress people have continued to experience since the pandemic. Jashvant PatelPresident of the Gujarat State Federation of Chemists and Pharmacists (FGSCDA), said: “During the two years of Covid-19, all sectors have suffered a lot of disruption. The uncertainty of working from home, the Medical emergencies and financial stress have had a negative impact on people’s sexual health.This has triggered the increasing adoption of over-the-counter as well as prescription drugs to improve sexual function.
According to AIOCD-AWACS, the sale of drugs for sexual stimulation and rejuvenation increased from Rs 2.06 crore in June 2021 to Rs 3.55 crore in June 2022.
“Self-medication drives sales”
According to AIOCD-AWACS, the sale of drugs for sexual stimulation and rejuvenation, mainly sildenafil citrate and tadalafil as well as herbal and Ayurvedic drugs, increased from Rs 2.06 crore in June 2021 to Rs 3 .55 crore in June 2022. According to the data, growth was around 10-20% in previous years in any given month except for the year 2020 when the Covid pandemic -19 hit. Doctors said the tendency of many to self-medicate and take pills purely out of performance pressure could boost sales.
Dr Paras Shah, an Ahmedabad-based sexual health expert, said: “With the imposition of social distancing, many couples had completely stopped engaging in sexual activity. stress associated with Covid-19, the overall uncertainty of the pandemic situation and at the individual family level. As a result, many found themselves struggling in the bedroom. Many men even came to us for premature ejaculation. probably led to turning to readily available over-the-counter pills in hopes of doing better.”
Other drug categories that saw a significant rise in sales include antineoplastics (used to treat cancer patients), gynecological conditions, vaccines and painkillers.
Medicines used to treat cancer showed a considerable growth of 41.3% in sales, from Rs 4.19 crore to Rs 5.92 crore, during the period.
Growing awareness of early diagnosis and detection during the pandemic has propelled sales of drugs in the antineoplastic category, often used to treat cancer patients.


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