Press Release: Uppsala, March 17, 2022. The demand for potent drugs has increased by 41% over the past three years, according to IQVIA statistics. Despite this, the drugs available today fail to treat everyone who needs them. For example, up to 30-40% do not respond correctly. The Swedish pharmaceutical company Dicot is developing a powerful new type of drug to meet this need.

Despite the fact that the demand for potency drugs is increasing, there are gaps among those on the market today that were introduced twenty years ago. Between 30 and 40 percent of patients do not respond well to treatment. Additionally, many men experience side effects such as headaches, abdominal pain, digestive problems and visual disturbances, leading many to choose to discontinue treatment. Another challenge is the short duration of the effect, maximum 36 hours.

Common to all existing drugs is that they are completely synthetic, called PDE-5 inhibitors, which facilitate the dilation of blood vessels in the penis. However, at the same time, PDE-5 inhibitors also affect blood vessels in other parts of the body, causing unwanted problems. The Dicot pharmaceutical company is developing a powerful new type of drug of organic origin and a semi-synthetic substance aimed at improving the performance of erectile dysfunction drugs.

– Meeting the challenges of today’s PDE-5 inhibitors is crucial in the development of our drug candidate LIB-01, which, among other things, has a duration of effect of more than seven days according to the results of animal studies. To confirm future clinical needs, we commissioned a series of interviews with leading sexual medicine physicians. They verify the need for better alternatives and point out that a drug with fewer side effects and a longer duration of effect is paramount. Doctor Chris McMahonformer president of The International Society for Sexual Medicine, asserts that “a tablet per week with a proven effect, a proven safety profile and without significant side effects, would be a game-changer”. Professor Arthur Burnetturologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimorestates that “LIB-01 can replace PDE-5 inhibitors if the long duration of effect at low doses can be proven”, which we have done in the latest animal studies 2021, says Göran Beijer, CEO of Dicot.

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About Dicot AB

Dicot is developing the drug candidate LIB-01, which will be a powerful agent to better treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The ambition is to create a drug with a significantly longer effect and far fewer side effects, compared to those on the market. Today, at least 500 million men suffer from these sexual dysfunctions and the market is valued at 50 billion Swedish crowns. Research and development is conducted under its own auspices up to phase 2 studies. Thereafter, Dicot’s intention is to form strategic alliances, or alternatively make a commercial sale, with larger established pharmaceutical companies. to be able to introduce LIB-01 to the global market.

Dicot is listed on Stock market and has approximately 3,300 shareholders. For more information, visit–publ-/r/dicot-addresses-great-need-for-new-treatments-of-erectile-dysfunction,c3526906

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