With a $4 million around the seed, Pique is creating a new category by offering sexual health solutions and prescriptions like vaginal estrogen and sex therapy – all dedicated to improving a woman’s sexual experience.

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –Pique, the revolutionary new online sexual health care platform, launches today, founded on the belief that all women deserve quality sex as part of a healthy and fulfilling life. The brand will take an integrated approach that offers medical expertise combined with a focus on mental, physical, hormonal and social factors to provide patients with holistic and personalized care.

In United States, 43% of women struggle with sexual dysfunction, compared to 31% of men, and 62% of women admitted to being dissatisfied with their sex life. However, only 29% of gynecologists ask their female patients about their sexual satisfaction and the average medical student receives only 3-10 hours of sexual health education during their studies. Although there are many solutions to treat erectile dysfunction and the market is expected to reach almost $5 billion by 2026, there are few medical equivalents for women and the market for women’s reproductive and sexual health remains in its infancy. Often the talk of sexual health is limited to toys, lubricants and lingerie, leaving women feeling alone in their struggles, insecure and unsure of where they can get answers to their problems. of sexual health.

Pique is here to change that. This digital health clinic is on a mission to provide a suite of solutions for every chapter of a woman’s sexual journey, beginning with menopause, and to help address issues related to painful sex, vaginal dryness and to low libido, to helping women build confidence, to maintain strong intimacy in relationships, to overcome sexual trauma, and beyond.

After seeing and experiencing the lack of resources for women struggling with sexual health issues, Leslie Busick, the founder and CEO of Pique, has taken matters into her own hands. She started by hosting virtual events during the pandemic where women got together and discussed sexual issues and topics. The conversations continued to gain momentum and after teaming up with a close friend and Stanford graduate, Max Wild, they set out to create a digital health platform for women to receive personalized sexual health care plans with actionable solutions to address their concerns. New patients begin their journey with Pique with a free introductory session with a sexual health nurse practitioner and create a personalized care plan that can include different types of vaginal estrogen, sexual and relationship counseling services, suggested lifestyle changes and recommended resources from Pique. library. Patients can track their progress with the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), a standardized sexual health quiz to measure sexual function in women. Busick hopes the brand will help de-stigmatize the sexual health category and empower women to take control of their health, pleasure and well-being.

“At Pique, we empower women to celebrate their desires and embrace them as a foundational pillar for a happy, healthy life. By providing prescriptions, mental health support, resources and more, we can support women. women as they progress through their sexual health journey so they can build a deeper relationship not just with their partners, but with themselves, shared Leslie BusickFounder and CEO of Pique.

With a recent $4 million round led by Maveron, a leading venture capital firm, Pique will use the capital to develop and continue to develop accessible and effective sexual healthcare solutions for women.

“We are thrilled to support Leslie, Max and the team as they tackle a huge category of women’s sexual health. The need to support women throughout their reproductive and sexual journeys, including during menopause, is more pressing than ever. The stack solution that combines clinical-level care with the mental health and convenience of a direct-to-consumer brand is exactly what we’ve been looking for in the space, and it’s precisely that. Pique’s approach. Every woman entering menopause should feel empowered and supported – we are thrilled to support Pique in pursuing this bold and important opportunity,” said Anarghya Vardhana, Partner at Maveron.

Pique’s clinical care team is led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ashley Winter, a Weill Cornell-certified urologist specializing in sexual medicine. Dr. Winter and his team look at sexual wellness from a multi-faceted perspective that incorporates all aspects of mental, physical, hormonal, and social well-being. “Pique is reimagining women’s healthcare at scale, paving the way for a future where women can get the personalized, accessible and effective care they need. I’m thrilled to partner with Leslie to shed light on this underserved topic and use Pique’s platform to change the narrative around women’s sexual health to reach and serve more women,” Dr. Winter shared.

For more information on Pique, please visit https://www.piquehealth.co/ and @pique.health on Instagram.

About Pique: Pique is an online sexual health platform beginning with a focus on women going through menopause. The company offers personalized care to help address issues related to painful sex, vaginal dryness and low libido, to help women build self-confidence, maintain strong intimate relationships, overcome trauma sexual and beyond. Patients are guided through the platform by a sexual health nurse practitioner and create personalized care plans which may include vaginal estrogen prescription, sexual and relationship counseling services, fashion change suggestions lifestyle and recommended resources from Pique’s library.

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