BOZEMAN, Mont., April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In Women’s Health Month, FirmTech Celebrates All It Needs To Be women: sensitive but strong, versatile but genuine, assertive but kind, courageous but compassionate and often the “better half” in relationships. As women, we’re often the glue that holds our families — and our relationships — together, and our intimate relationships are no different.

Research has found that nearly 50% of all men will struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED) by age 50, with rates increasing by 10% every ten years thereafter. What does this mean for the men we love and our relationships later in life? How do we (the superior communicators) help our partners maintain and enjoy their erectile fitness when the challenge of erectile dysfunction presents itself?

Women can often find themselves dealing with their own insecurities when their partner is unable to get or keep an erection. He is not indifferent to you, he is simply struggling with a common disease. FirmTech’s female-led team is here to help. FirmTech Performance Ring and Tech Ring are revolutionary devices, designed to tackle erectile dysfunction head-on: resulting in longer, firmer erections and for many users, more intense orgasms for both partners. Women know how difficult it is to get our male counterparts to go to the doctor. FirmTech enables our male partners to start treating their ED without invasive appointments, medications, or fear of stigma. And as a result, female partners can be more satisfied – more frequently.

FirmTech’s team of experts includes renowned female urologists. They know that sexual problems affect both partners equally. Plus, erectile dysfunction is often the effect of other serious health issues below the surface: high blood pressure, heart disease, prostate cancer, and diabetes, to name a few. Talking to your partner isn’t just good for your sex life, it can also save a life. Sixty percent of men who end up in the ER with a heart attack said they noticed signs of erectile dysfunction several years earlier1.

dr. Amy PearlmanDirector of the Men’s Health Program and Professor of Urology at University of Iowa says, “Sex toys and tools can be a game-changer in the bedroom of penis and vagina owners. It’s time to normalize the use of these products to optimize performance and pleasure for both men and women.” Sexual health IS health. None of us need to be sick or broken to want to be and perform better.”

Additionally, a vibrant sex life improves brain function and provides numerous psychological benefits such as reduced anxiety, better sleep, happier relationships, and increased confidence for both people. Now is the time to talk about maintaining erectile fitness and dealing with erectile dysfunction.

FirmTech features a low-profile erection ring shape that’s soft and comfortable, making it easy for men (or women) to wrap around. FirmTech also offers state-of-the-art data sensors that transmit directly to your FirmTech app, which can be shared with their doctor…and you!

Our rings are not just for men. A female partner said, “What a pleasant surprise. The sensor housing location has a dual purpose. The design is creative, thoughtful and very selfless.

Ladies: It’s our turn to ask the questions and “put a ring on it” – talk to your partner about erectile dysfunction and help them get back to peak performance.

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1 Daniel ShoskesMD (Cleveland Clinic)