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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT – It’s almost Halloween and it’s cold in the air, but erectile dysfunction treatment doesn’t have to be scary! Discover a lasting solution to longer, stronger erections with no drugs and no downtime at Wasatch Medical Clinic.

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Wasatch Medical Clinic has a bone to pick up with erectile dysfunction. Forget about expensive surgeries, painful injections, and pills that cause a plethora of nasty side effects. True Pulse Protocol is an innovative therapy that treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction rather than just the symptoms.

Using acoustic waves, True Pulse Protocol treats penile tissue at the cellular level by engaging the body’s natural healing mechanisms to help facilitate natural erections when the time is right. It is non-invasive, safe and very effective. In fact, some men notice an improvement in function after just a few sessions.

“Bring some spontaneity back to your love life,” said Taylor Conder, Marketing Coordinator at Wasatch Medical Clinic. “You can come in during your lunch break, do it and leave feeling normal. “

Prescription drugs are generally the remedy of choice for erectile dysfunction, but they are far from an ideal solution. Side effects can include headaches, a hangover feeling the next day, blurry vision, and even bluish vision with Viagra.

While patients may see great results at first, the effectiveness eventually wanes as the body builds tolerance. Additionally, many men are unable to safely take erectile dysfunction medications due to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical conditions.

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“Because it chemically improves your body, it only treats the symptoms,” Conder said. “It’s not really about treating what causes erectile dysfunction.”

Injections are another alternative, but Conder said no man wants needles in their genitals. It’s invasive and painful, and results aren’t always guaranteed.

Surgical options for erectile dysfunction can make men feel like a modern day Frankenstein. Penile implant surgery involves the insertion of flexible tubes into the penis, which are sometimes accompanied by a pump placed inside the scrotum. Conder said these procedures often eliminate sensitivity and can impair the patient’s ability to properly achieve orgasm.

The male genitals are a network of tissues, nerves and blood vessels. Adequate blood circulation is essential for firm, long-lasting and spontaneous erections. But as men get older, the blood vessels start to close and break down. The True Pulse protocol uses sound waves to rebuild, strengthen, and widen blood vessels while destroying plaque buildup that occurs naturally with age.

“It’s like breaking a muscle to make it stronger in the gym,” Conder said. “The waves do the exact same thing but for the blood vessels.”

Most men with erectile dysfunction are candidates for the True Pulse protocol. Sessions last around 10 minutes and there is no downtime. Patients usually get out in less than half an hour and can schedule sexual activity the same evening.

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However, treating erectile dysfunction is not just about improving sex. Conder said he also plays a key role in confidence and general well-being. The highly trained, all-male staff at Wasatch Medical Clinic understand that sexual health is a very personal issue that men can find difficult to discuss. They operate with discretion, providing a comfortable and confidential patient experience.

During their initial consultation, patients undergo non-invasive blood flow and nerve sensitivity tests, as well as evaluation with a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying physical and / or psychological conditions that may be at risk. origin of erectile dysfunction.

If you are looking to regain confidence and boost your sex life, Wasatch Medical Clinic is giving you a special Halloween gift. New patients will receive a free ultrasound of the blood flow and a consultation with an erectile dysfunction specialist, as well as a free gift that produces instant results in the room.

Visit the Wasatch medical clinic website or call 435-922-7000 to make an appointment today.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.



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