Can COVID-19 infection cause erectile dysfunction (ED) in men? The subject arose during the COVID era. Now, there are two threads of circumstantial evidence that have emerged from two different research papers. It cannot yet be said that the virus causes erectile dysfunction unequivocally. However, the virus was found in penile tissue in a study in two men who had severe erectile dysfunction 7 to 9 months after their infections.

An article appeared in the July 21, 2021, World Journal of Men’s Health at the University of Miami, Florida. Penile tissue samples were obtained from the two COVID-positive patients and also from two COVID-negative patients, all undergoing penile prosthesis implants for severe erectile dysfunction. Using microscopic and electron microscopic techniques, viral particles with advanced proteins were found in the two COVID-positive patients in and around the tissue of the blood vessels of the penis and the inner wall, called the endothelium (EN-do -THEE-lee-um). This label is used for the inner layer of all blood vessels. The two negative control patients had none.

An enzyme called endothelial nitric oxide synthetase is found in these lining cells to help allow dilation during erection. It was decreased in the tissues of the COVID guys, but not in the other two.

These results do not show the cause and effect of the erectile dysfunction inducing virus, but it strongly suggests the relationship. Damage to blood vessels is comparable to that seen in other organs like lungs, heart, intestines, kidneys, brain, etc. COVID is actually a total bodily disease that infects and affects the small blood vessels in these tissues. The fact that the viral particles persisted for months after the documented infections may help understand the problems of “long COVID” (although long may not be the proper adjective for this complication?)

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The severity of the disease is apparently irrelevant. One of the guys had a serious infection – two weeks in the hospital – and the other just a mild case. However, he had blocked arteries and high blood pressure before the infection. These and other problems are known predisposing conditions for erectile dysfunction. The virus can be another ship insult.

The other current source of evidence COVID can bring ED is an article in a journal called Andrology, Mach 30, 2021, issue from Italy. The responses were taken from an online survey conducted between April 7 and May 4, 2020 with more than 6,000 men. One hundred were selected as eligible. Of these, 25 had self-reported COVID infections and 75 had no known infections. The incidence of erectile dysfunction was 28% in the positive infected men and 9.33% in the negative group. Somehow, the number has been reported in many other references that ED was between 5 and 6 times higher in positive patients.

The discussion of the results is complicated because the researchers tried to compare groups for associated predisposing conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, drugs that decrease erections, etc., which is difficult with them. self-reported study data. Other confounding factors are whether a person had erectile dysfunction before the infection and it got worse afterwards, or if the ED was a sign of other endothelial inflammation problems, which caused the infection to occur. OF. The question was asked whether ED predisposes the person to COVID infection or more serious illness, but no answer was obvious.

Another documented facet is that the virus has been found in the tissues of the penis and testes, particularly in blood vessels during autopsies of deaths of COVID patients. Other studies found that 10 to 11% of hospitalized COVID patients suffered from testicular pain. Still, the virus was never found in semen, which negates the concept and can cause infertility.

Lead author of the Italian study from Tor Vergata University in Rome said of the narrowed and inflamed vessels: “No oxygen, no sex”. In the discussion section of the document, he said based on the evidence presented, erectile dysfunction could be both a short-term or a long-term complication of COVID-19. “The use of masks as prevention devices for sexual dysfunction may be a bit stretched … but it could be an additional strategy. … People have already posted on Twitter, using the hashtag #MaskUp To Keep It Up. … People with erectile dysfunction should view their erectile impairment as a sign of possible underlying conditions. “

The vaccine does NOT cause ED or impotence, which is widely proven. A well-known pop rapper falsely claimed he was based on the story of a friend of a cousin in Trinidad.

In a May 16, 2021 Forbes magazine article on the subject, author Bruce Y. Lee wrote: The virus getting the tree will. This may be “helpless” news for some readers. … This certainly presents another reason to get stuck.

Dr Bures, semi-retired dermatologist, has worked since 1978 in Winona, La Crosse, Viroqua and Red Wing. He also plays the clarinet in the Winona Municipal Band and in some Dixieland groups. And he appreciates a good pun.