Digital Health Award Winner, Empowers the Public to Take Charge of Sexual Wellness

AUSTIN, TX, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — On a mission to destigmatize sexual health, Dizzy, the world’s largest sexual health resource, reached 2.8 million users in its first year of launch. Empowering the public to take control of their sexual well-being, Giddy recently launched the first comprehensive sexual health telehealth service offering convenient, affordable and high-quality virtual health care.

“We are in the midst of a sexual health revolution,” says Brett Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Giddy. “We created Giddy to positively impact people’s lives and it’s exciting to see the millions of people who have discovered us over the past year. As we build Giddy to be the platform of the most comprehensive sexual health, direct access to sexual health doctors and specialists is an important service that we are delighted to offer our readers.”

Doctors and licensed specialists are available upon request for common sexual health diagnoses such as urinary tract infections, consultations on sexual health topics such as erectile dysfunction or birth control, for help in managing an STI, as well as to discuss ailments, diseases, mental disorders, health and more. Powered by Sesame Telehealth, users can choose their provider at self-paid prices without insurance.

Over the past year, Giddy’s award-winning team of journalists has added more than 3,100 free articles to its already strong database of sexual health information, keeping readers up to date with the latest news, dispelling myths and misconceptions, and offering easily digestible, in-depth, medically reviewed information covering the wide spectrum of sexual health. Four papers received industry accolades by winning a Digital Health Award, including Unequal Access, Unequal Outcomes: Race and Prostate Cancer, Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: The Disturbing Symptoms of Migraines, Condom sales skyrocket for Hot Vax Summer and Why does getting hit in the balls hurt so much.

Helping to raise awareness, Giddy hosted panel discussions at major festivals and events such as SXSW, and brought together recognizable faces such as AnnaLynn McCord, Tom ArnoldChris “Kid” Reid, Katie Haan and more to share their own personal life experiences to encourage others who might face similar challenges in their BARE video series. Getting candid about sex, Giddy launched Well, IMO, which features influencers from all walks of life who speak candidly about important issues, from dating to difficult pregnancies, safe sex practices, fertility and more.

About Giddy: Illuminating sexual wellness for all, Giddy is the world’s largest sexual health resource. Their team of award-winning journalists covers over 120 topics ranging from ailments, diseases and disorders to life stages, relationships and more with engaging, doctor-reviewed content. Giddy is a 2021 Digital Health Award winner. To become a member, visit for free

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