Yoga tones our bodies, decreases stress and boosts our energy, but did you know that it can also boost your libido and your sex life? It helps you in good shape, as well as the mental and spiritual balance in your life. Yoga connects with ourselves and our partners intellectually, physically and, yes, sexually, teaching us to appreciate each experience and to live life one breath at a time.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a small study which found that yoga improved men’s performance in all areas of sexual function – desire, sexual satisfaction, ejaculation control, partner synchronization.

How Can Yoga Improve Your Sex Life?

According to a study, doing an hour of yoga every day will help you prolong your ejaculation and improve your overall sexual performance. This is because specific yoga poses can strengthen your erection and improve your libido and performance by working your Kegel muscles.

What yoga postures should you adopt?

Dandayamana Dhanurasana

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It is a great balance exercise for improving hip mobility, stretching the chest and shoulders, and strengthening the spine. The blend of stretching and core strength is great for endurance and pelvic floor engagement. Stand in the mountain pose.

To open the chest, turn your palms forward. Lift your left foot up and pull it out to draw the heel more towards the glutes, holding it with your left hand while straightening your right arm.

Bitilasana Marjaryasana

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These movements, also known as cat and cow, tone the muscles of the hip and pelvis, improve blood flow to all of these parts, and strengthen the muscles around your genitals, which can help improve sexual function and performance.

Get on all fours. In cats, squeeze between the hands and around the back, turning the sit bones towards the back of the thighs. Get into a cow position by tilting your pelvis and lowering your stomach to the ground.


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This is a great yoga pose suitable for beginners to build and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and put your feet firmly on the floor, 1.5 to 2 feet from your hips. Hands gently squeeze your knees, sit as straight as possible and lean back a little.

Squeeze your hip flexors and abs towards each other while keeping your chest up and body still to activate your core. Let go of the knees and extend your arms forward, palms up.


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This yoga pose tones the back and limbs, boosts breathing and stamina, and opens and expands the pelvic region. Plus, it improves genital pressure while requiring a high level of abdominal involvement from your heart. Place your hands on your stomach. Extend your legs and place your arms outstretched, palms down.

Engage your core and thighs, then twist your thighs inward until your toes touch the floor. Inhale as you lift your legs, hands, and chest off the floor, and exhale as you lengthen your body, pushing your toes further back and your head higher.


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In addition to extending your hips, groin and shoulders and increasing stability and balance, this yoga asana energizes tired limbs and opens up your chest and lungs. It also stimulates your digestive functions. Start with a downward canine position.

As you exhale, bring your right foot forward and hold it by aligning the knee and heel in a straight line. Lower your left knee to the floor. Inhale and lift your chest up high, bringing your arms parallel to each other or palms together. Lean more into the posture with each breath, pressing your tailbone against the floor.

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