Bringing together years of in-depth medical experience to research, revolutionary industrial design and state-of-the-art defense electronics, MysteryVibe created revolutionary malleable modules that could be bent and stretched to fit a wide range of bodies. In these modules, they incorporated custom-designed high-power, low-noise motors. The end result – targeted vibration delivered precisely where you need it, regardless of your body shape and size.

The company’s engineering approach is guided by the philosophy that our bodies and our sexual health journeys are all different and unique. Considering that most products on the market have a fixed size and the user expects them to work regardless of their body shape, MysteryVibe is pioneering a fundamental shift in design thinking. to do adaptable design the new industry standard.

The universal mean the standard is problematic. The versatility of a product begins and ends with the limited range of this average, which actually only serves a small percentage of the population. One size has given rise to industries like fast fashion. One that sacrifices quality and customer satisfaction for economical manufacturing and creates a limited and non-inclusive landscape.

By recognizing the limitations of one size, MysteryVibe has created a brand that elevates both product and people paradigms. With award-winning products that epitomize versatility. Products that can be truly customized to individual needs. Products that come with the assurance that they will work without having to worry about adapt.

MysteryVibe’s first product, Crescendo, houses six motors in its sleek, compact body to deliver an orgasmic experience and retains its malleability to fit both vulvas and penises. Crescendo is designed with customizable vibration patterns to meet unique user preferences. Crescendo’s vibrational science alleviates a wide range of sexual dysfunctions – from arousal disorders to menstrual pain, making this pleasure product a therapeutic tool. Crescendo broke the proverbial mold by proving that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for economy.

The company’s second product, Tenuto, takes adaptability to an unprecedented level. Tenuto is a wearable vibrator that simultaneously treats erectile dysfunction and delivers high performance in the bedroom. The product is created using fusion materials that can flex to accommodate 90% of penis sizes while maintaining their tightness over time, so it can help both erect and stay erect. This anatomically congruent engineering is also multi-functional – it stimulates its partner’s penis, perineum and labia – all at the same time.

MysteryVibe’s radical rethinking of the product design process where the user is at the center and the products able to adapt to them has far-reaching implications for product design everywhere – clothes, shoes, phones! This brings us back to where it all began. MysteryVibe’s inspiration for creating body-adaptive technology came from the Nokia Morph concept – a tablet that folds to become a phone and rolls up to become a watch! You can read more about MysteryVibe’s mission here.


SOURCE Mystery Vibe