SINGAPORE – The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has warned people not to buy or consume three products sold on e-commerce platforms, two of which are marketed as sexual enhancement candy but contain potent medicinal ingredients.

The products are Miracle Gold Candy and C4 Candy which contain tadalafil – an erectile dysfunction drug – and Coco Hotz Cocoa Drink which contains dexamethasone – a potent steroid.

They were sold on e-commerce platforms, such as Carousell, Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10, and on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

HSA said on Friday (October 8) that it had worked with platform administrators to remove affected ads and issued warnings to sellers.

Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) officials alerted the HSA to Miracle Gold Candy after detecting imports of the product.

HSA was alerted to C4 Candy by a member of the public who was suspicious of the product.

Product labels carried exaggerated claims that should not be present in confectionery products, such as “increase men’s strength and health” for Miracle Gold Candy, and “prevent premature ejaculation” and “help people. suffering from gout, diabetes and blood pressure “for C4 Candy.

Both products have been tested by the HSA to contain tadalafil, a prescription drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

In particular, Miracle Gold Candy contained more than 30 times the usual daily dose of tadalafil.

This can dramatically increase the risk of stroke and heart attack, the HSA said.

The third product, Coco Hotz Cocoa Drink, touted slimming claims such as “burn fat fast” and “control appetite.”

The product has been tested by HSA and found to contain the potent steroid dexamethasone.

Long-term unsupervised use of steroids can cause serious side effects, including increased blood sugar levels, which can lead to diabetes, and Cushing’s syndrome – a round face or the appearance of a “moon face” and upper body obesity with thin limbs and other associated medical conditions such as hypertension, HSA said.

The authority has advised consumers to immediately stop taking C4 Candy and Miracle Gold Candy and seek medical attention if they are unwell or have concerns about their health.

He also urged consumers to see a doctor as soon as possible if they have taken Coco Hotz cocoa drink because it contains a potent steroid.

Stopping steroids without proper medical supervision can cause severe withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, confusion and low blood pressure, he said.

He warned consumers to be wary of products that make exaggerated claims or produce surprisingly quick effects, as they may contain powerful ingredients that can seriously harm their health.

HSA added that all retailers and suppliers must stop selling these products immediately.

He said he would not hesitate to take tough enforcement action against anyone who sells and supplies products adulterated with potent medicinal ingredients.

Vendors and suppliers can be prosecuted and if found guilty they can be jailed for up to two years or fined up to $ 10,000, or both.