All over the world, people may want sex, but the desire to have sex is affected by several factors and it is the hormones that drive our instincts to a large extent. The release of oxytocin, also known as the ‘happiness hormone’, is attributed to the refreshing experience of sex and testosterone is linked to libido in men.

It turns out that feeling romantic is also caused by a hormone aptly named “kisspeptin” and it goes beyond that as scientists conduct research to use “the kiss hormone” to solve associated psychological problems. to sex.

Kisspeptin occurs naturally and triggers the release of other chemicals related to reproductive activities, and was found in a study to improve the brain’s response to romantic or sexual images of couples, thereby improving simulated brain circuits. through sexual arousal.

This may give rise to a new psychological approach to curing infertility and other sexual problems, which so far have only been studied from a biological point of view.

Kisspeptin could prove to be a key in curing issues related to low libido and infertility as it stimulates the emotional response which leads to romance and sex.

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