A man in his early 20s was shocked to find his testicles had shrunk and he was suffering from erectile dysfunction after recovering from Covid, a urologist has said.

The man consulted Trevor Li Churk-fai and took blood tests to find out the reasons for his condition.

“The patient is in his early twenties, without any bad habits or addictions. He was infected with the coronavirus during the fifth wave of the local Hong Kong outbreak and showed mild symptoms at that time. He then recovered after staying at home for about eight days, Li said.

“Later, the patient found that both of his testicles had shrunk after his infection and his sexual ability had obviously worsened,” he added.

If the problems of testicular shrinkage and erectile dysfunction are caused by psychological reasons, they can still be cured through counseling or the use of hormone therapy, as doctors can patch patients’ male hormones and reverse to some extent, according to Li.

Although blood test results showed the man also suffered from other hormonal issues unrelated to Covid, Li did not rule out the possibility that his problems could be caused by a Covid-related infection.

Li also said there was another patient who also had erection problems and was likely caused by “long Covid”, an illness that affects about 3% of Hong Kongers who have recovered from Covid.

According to Li, other studies confirm that male testicles are vulnerable to the coronavirus, and 10 to 20 percent of infected patients with severe symptoms have reported discomfort or pain in their testicles.

“One of the studies showed that a quarter of recovered patients also found that their semen volume and motility took a nose dive after infection, but it is still unclear whether this will be short-term or long-term impact,” he said.

He also said studies abroad have shown that patients hospitalized with COVID infection may experience pain in the testicles as one of the presenting symptoms.

Li warned that men who have suffered more severe symptoms from contracting Covid are more likely to damage their testicular tissue, and there is evidence showing erectile tissue could also be affected, as he called on men to be vaccinate as soon as possible to reduce the chances of developing serious illnesses when infected.

This was after a study from the University of Hong Kong found that Covid can shrink men’s testicles and affect their virility as they recover from coronavirus.