ERECTILE dysfunction is thought to affect around one in ten men in the UK.

But for those suffering from the disease, a new treatment could help – although not for the faint of heart.


Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Hard To Manage – Experts Have A Solution, But It May Not Be For EveryoneCredit: Getty

The researchers found that stem cells can fight impotence – the only downside is that guys would have to get the cells injected directly into the penis.

Two studies found that men who received the injection also improved their sexual function.

There are many different causes of erectile dysfunction and in many cases it boils down to stress, fatigue, anxiety, or heavy drinking, but it can also be caused by physical or emotional issues. .

High blood pressure or high cholesterol can also be a factor, or in some cases, it is a hormonal imbalance.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction are available – but they depend on the underlying reasons for the condition.

Some of the causes can be treated with medication, but in other cases, it involves changes in certain ways of life.

I don’t want to try a stem cell injection – here are more ways to stop erectile dysfunction

Here are some remedies you can try

  1. Medication: In order to receive medication for erectile dysfunction, you must see a doctor licensed by GMC and if he thinks it is necessary, he will write a prescription for you.
  2. Penis pump: This is a device which is used to treat ED
  3. Creams: Again, as with medication, you would need to speak to a medical professional before receiving any erectile dysfunction cream.
  4. Talk to your partner: LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor Dr Sameer Sanghvi said that while talking to your partner can be difficult, it might help with the issues you are facing.
  5. Exercise: Exercising before sex can also help relieve performance stress by releasing endorphins, which can improve your mood and reduce stress.

Stem cells are the building blocks of human tissue and could be an alternative to other treatments.

Writing in the journal Urology International, experts said 22 men with both erectile dysfunction and diabetes received two stem cell injections.

They were administered to the base of the penis and experts said that men reported improvements in their erections within days.

Experts said the effects of the stem cells last for up to a year and there are no side effects.

A separate study, published in the journal Cytotherapy, found that stem cells improved erectile dysfunction in 40% of the men it was tested on.

For this study, stem cells were taken from the bone marrow of ten men with erectile dysfunction and were then injected into the smooth muscle of the cavernous body (CCSM) of the penis, the Mail reported.

Almost all of the men in the study said they improved their sexual prowess after the injections.

Experts have been using stem cells to treat a variety of conditions for years.

They hope stem cell studies can help them understand how the disease occurs.

Stem cells are also used to help healthy cells replace diseased cells.

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