Dr. Arora follows the story of a sex therapist treating patients in three small towns in northern and central India in the late 90s. Sandeepa Dhar is one of the important parts of the show. In a candid chat with OTTplay, the actress opened up about how intrigued she was when she learned that Imtiaz Ali was making such a strong show focused on the subject. The actress opened up about the creator’s vision for the series and her experience working on it.

Speaking about the show and its importance, Sandeepa said the need to tell the story was important. “I know people are reluctant to talk about sexual issues. A few years ago talking about mental health was also taboo, whereas now people are talking about it openly. So in the same way, people need to start talking sexual issues like the way they talk about mental health now, she adds.

Meanwhile, revealing the factors that made her take on the project, the diva mentioned that the show’s main topic and motif, Imtiaz Ali’s vision and her own character intrigued her to work in series.

When asked if she felt responsible as an actress to work on projects that sent a positive message to society, Sandeepa replied, “Of course it’s a big responsibility and if she’s not not said correctly, the real message will not be conveyed to the people, so it must be said in the most respectable and sensitive way.

“And giving the job to someone like Imtiaz is also important because you know that as a filmmaker he would treat it in the most sensitive way,” she added.

She praised the Dr. Arora creator even more and added, “He has the smarts and the equalizer to tell a story like this in the most sensitive way.”

Mentioning his interactions with Imtiaz, Sandeepa told OTTplay that most of the conversations with the show’s creator-writer took place before filming began, during their workshop. “I spent a lot of time choosing his brain (from Imtiaz) and got most of the research material for my character and the series from Imtiaz,” she added.

Before Dr. Arora, the actress was seen in an anthology named Tera Chalaavaa on MX Player, which received quite a failing and mostly negative reviews. When asked his opinion on the mystery crime series, Sandeepa replied that after a project is released, the creators, as well as the actors, think about what alternatives could have been made in the project, whatever or their performance. “But to be honest, I was quite happy with my story and my character because for the first time I was trying a gray role and I wanted to see if I could pull it off or not. It was very different from what I had done before. But I loved my story and I have no regrets now,” she added.

Sandeepa is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and fluent in modern dance. When asked if the actress would like to be part of a big dance movie or not, she replied, “I would love to do a dance movie and I’m comfortable in ballet and modern dance. But I would like to be part of a musical movie that has a good story. Like Westside Story came out in Hollywood with a great story and dance sequences and did a great job. So if something like that happened here, I would love to be a part of it.

Dr. Arora, which also stars Kumud Mishra, Vidya Malvade, Raj Arjun, Shekhar Suman, Vivek Mushran, Pitobash and Himani Shivpuri, is available to stream on SonyLIV.