FirmTech’s first product, The Performance Ring (FPR), effectively solves this problem. Unlike single-loop erection rings made from harder silicone, the FPR’s two flexible loops, one for the base of the penis and the other around the top of the testicles, are soft and won’t move or wiggle. not pinch during use. The soft, easily adjustable proprietary material wraps comfortably around sensitive anatomy to enable firmer erections and increased pleasure. The patented hook and loop closure makes it easy to put on and take off, even for overweight men. Consumer studies have demonstrated their superiority over the cutting-edge competition. RPF can help men with and without erectile dysfunction. Perfect for men of all ages and fitness levels. It will be available to order this spring.

Currently completing beta testing, FirmTech’s second product, The Tech Ring (FTR), is a high-tech, comfortable sub-portable to document vital signs of erectile form and erectile dysfunction. Using FirmTech’s smartphone app, men and doctors can easily access meaningful data to help measure sexual health and performance, and to understand the impact of medications, alcohol , drugs, etc. on their sexual well-being. Knowledge of these data can improve adherence to medications and other interventions. Unlike blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, the number of nocturnal erections and the duration of erections can directly reflect vascular health. Note-Before ordering pills online, men with erectile dysfunction should seek medical evaluation.

The revolutionary Tech Ring features an insert that houses a suite of sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, a charger that uses USB connectivity, and 12 hours of battery life per charge. The sensors can count the number of nocturnal erections, which indicate vascular health, duration and firmness of erections, strength and force of ejaculatory contractions. This can help assess variables that may affect performance, such as medications, diets, habits, vices. The phone app is easy to download and the graphics will be invaluable to men and their healthcare providers.

The TechRing will be available to order by late spring.

CEO dr. Eliot Justin launched FirmTech Inc in October 2020 to help men optimize their personal erectile fitness and avoid or manage erectile dysfunction. Chief Physician Dr. Jim Hotaling helped develop the FPR and FTT products, with Dr. Phil Chengdr. Amy Pearlman and dr. Ashley Winter to solve two critical problems:

An erection ring that would facilitate firmer erections for patients, would be seen as a sexual wellness aid and not a stigma-inducing crutch, would be easy to put on, and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Most urologists will no longer tell patients to “find something on Amazon.”

A comfortable and user-friendly sub-portable device for documenting vital signs of erectile form.

“There’s nothing like it in the world,” said FirmTech founder Eliot Justin, MD. “A man goes to a cardiologist or an internist with a health problem and they have equipment like electrocardiograms and ultrasounds to make an objective diagnosis and assess the impact of treatments but if a man goes to an internist, a doctor from family or a urologist for problems with erection dysfunction, or for premature ejaculation, or for performance enhancement, they have limited tools to objectively assess problems and evaluate interventions.FirmTech’s technology will help in ways significant in the treatment of very common and demoralizing problems.

Urologist Amy PearlmanMD of FirmTech’s Scientific Advisory Board, commented, “I believe products like this allow men to understand their current function and how certain behaviors/interventions alter (worse or improve) their function. This personal data will show men that they have incredible control over their erections (and their health) and help them understand and ultimately improve their performance.”

FirmTech Medical Director, James HotlingMD, a urologist and male sexual health scholar, remarked on the value of the device, “FirmTech has the potential to engage men in their own healthcare, quantify their erectile fitness, and ‘gamify’ function. sex in a way that will help them lead more fulfilling lives with their partner,” he said. “The stigma of male sexual dysfunction is quite significant in the straight and gay community and this device will help men and their partners to get more information to optimize their sex life.”

“Men’s sexual well-being is a critical factor in their physical and emotional health,” noted Dr. Justin. “Maintaining a healthy and frequent sex life comes with all sorts of benefits, from longevity, better vascular health, memory, sleep, reduced prostate cancer and better relationships. happy and lasting.”

At FirmTech, we intend to help men achieve the love life they and their loved ones desire.

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