“But being a 71-year-old man, I sometimes disagree with the sympathetic, logical and obviously professional advice being offered.

“Also, having been married for 47 years, retired for 16 and now living with two daughters in their thirties who have returned home, one with a move and the other with a breakup, I tick off many boxes of people submitting questions.

“We went from a quiet, pristine home of empty nests to a moderately chaotic and bustling collection of a solitary male drowning in a sea of ​​estrogen.

“I wish Ellie and Lisi the same happiness that my wife has now, working with her (our) two darlings.”

FEEDBACKOn the girlfriend who keeps brooding over her dating “problems” (June 21):

“Despite the reader’s initial error in thinking there was a male friend in the letter writer’s account, it was clear from your first article that it was two female friends talking.

“I remember it because I went through a similar situation with two girlfriends. One of them would talk “to me” for an hour on the phone about a problem, but the next time we spoke and I asked “how did such and such happen” she answered “Oh, I don’t want to talk about that.

“I finally had to drop her. I felt guilty, but it was for my own sanity.

“The other had long unresolved issues despite years of therapy, but was unwilling/unable to do the ‘work’ to get them out of his mind. She was placed in group therapy.

“I’m afraid I saw group therapy for her as a last resort for unresponsive clients.”

FEEDBACKRegarding the seemingly overwhelmed first-time mom (June 22):

Reader “Perhaps the baby’s father has little or no experience with postpartum depression and it scares him when his wife cries? His outbursts of anger don’t help.

Ellie’s tip of the day

If you want to improve your sex life, consider what is missing, seek professional information, and try to discuss/achieve positive changes within your relationship.

Ellie Tesher and Lisi Tesher are senior columnists for the Star and are based in Toronto. Email your relationship questions to: ellie@thestar.ca.