There is now a drug-free solution for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in Jamaica. The technology is called ED1000 and is the gold standard for treating all cases of bad erections due to poor circulation according to the European Urological Association.

For years, treatment has been either drug or surgical. Today, shock wave therapy offers a new approach. While most erectile dysfunction treatments offer a temporary solution, ED1000 is the only therapy that treats the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. It is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for men with erectile dysfunction.

The ED1000 is a small device that delivers small sound waves called low-intensity shock waves to the penis and stimulates the development of new blood vessels to help patients regain strong erectile function. The protocol is painless and simple.

How does the technology work?

The shock waves are reflected by the machine and focused on the treatment area, triggering the creation of new blood vessels in the penile tissue, which in turn allows the patient to achieve and maintain firm erections. Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is approved in over 20 countries. The device was developed in Israel by Medispec, the innovators of this technology and who have several patents for its use.

Men with blood vessel problems (vascular dysfunction) are the best candidates for this treatment. 80% of all cases of erectile dysfunction are related to problems with the blood vessels. ED1000 is effective in most of these cases, even when other treatments have not been successful. This includes people with damage from age, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, long term smoking, long term alcohol use, certain medications, obesity and chronic inflammation.

Patients with responses to ED1000 treatment do not need to use any medications (pills or injections) to achieve an erection suitable for intercourse. This means you don’t have to rely on medications, take them before sex, or deal with the side effects and expense of ED medications. Additionally, for men who cannot take certain erectile dysfunction medications due to interactions with other medications, this can be a great treatment choice.

ED1000 is:

  • A real solution to the ED problem

  • The first and only product on the market with proven and comprehensive clinical support data

  • The standard treatment for vascular ED according to the guidelines of the European Association of Urology (EAU)

  • Ideal treatment solution: simple, non-invasive, painless and with a success rate of 90%

Over the past four years, BioRegeneration has successfully treated over 100 Jamaican men and developed advanced protocols to address the underlying causes. To promote men’s health and well-being, during the months of October and November, all erectile dysfunction services are at a reduced rate.

BioRegeneration is located at 15 Haining Road, Kingston 5, Kingston. They can be contacted at 1 876-622-2055 or 876-565-1168. For any questions, feel free to send an email or visit

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