Ryan Reynolds launched an erectile dysfunction commercial on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night – a marketing stunt for telehealth brand Hims that also served as a catch for its own exploits – with the added bonus of a friend’s prank.

The actor and entrepreneur appeared on the late-night show hosted by actor Rob McElhenney (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Mythic Quest”), which replaced Jimmy Kimmel.

During the interview, the couple talks about how they became friends and decided to go into business together. In 2020, the two bought Welsh national football club Wrexham AFC, which will be the subject of an upcoming documentary series on FX.

They also discuss Reynolds’ misadventures in advertising with his agency Maximum Effort. The ‘Deadpool’ actor shares how his mother appeared in a few of his commercials and announced a new spot featuring fellow celeb McElheney’s own wife, actress Kaitlin Olson. It was a perfect transition to launch the Hims commercial, a hilarious pharmaceutical send-up about a couple with erectile dysfunction issues. Olson plays the wife, while the husband bears a striking resemblance to the man who hosts the show.

Olson also appears in an additional location that will take place next month. Hims is part of the Hims & Hers Inc. telehealth platform which aims to transform the way medications for conditions such as erectile dysfunction and sexual wellness treatments are delivered. The company won D-to-C Brand of the Year at Ad Age’s 2021 Creativity Awards.