When you sell a used car, it is in your interest to be very careful, to avoid any complaints afterwards. Following these instructions will reduce the number of complaints, but it is obviously not completely eliminated, but many problems can be avoided.

Make a purchase contract

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It is in both the buyer and the seller’s interest to enter into a written agreement. Both sides should of course have a copy of the contract, which can serve as proof, if any subsequent queries between the seller and the buyer.

Never inform more than you know and can prove.
By selling books about all the information they provide about the car. If you are unsure, then do not reveal the relationship. It can, for example. be the old car, number of horsepower, mileage, previous damage, equipment and the like.

Don’t give credit

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Be sure to get the purchase price latest news on delivery of the car to buy. Credit to professional dealers, banks, etc.

Keep in mind that the checks may be counterfeit or without coverage. If paid by check this should be listed or issued by a bank.

Make sure no collateral or similar is provided to the buyer.
Of course, you are responsible for not leasing the car.

Although the previous owner has informed that there is no lien on the car, you are responsible for the fact that there is no mortgage or similar car.


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Inform the buyer of any defects in the car, as you know. Make sure this information is entered into the purchase contract.

General disclaimers.
I buy contact should not use terms such as “initially purchased”, “no responsibility to sell” or “no warranty” as such terms are often ineffective. Remember to replace all the deficiencies that you know are written in the contract.

Relocation and insurance

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Negotiate the purchase of the contract who will pay, and arrange for the car to be moved and who may be making the statutory Move. In addition, sell insurance and opt out of the car the buyer should make sure to insure the car.

Legality – vision

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Inform them about the purchase of the contract, when the car has finally been mapped and possibly put annexed transcript from the latest periodic survey.


As a seller, you are not obligated to provide the buyer with any kind of warranty, but we may be liable for any defects. Attention is drawn in this regard to the fact that the reversed burden of proof in the first 6 months is only applicable to consumer products, and not when selling as a private individual.


It must be stated in the contract, when and where the car will be delivered.


If the missing logbook, manual or other accessories should be subject to sale contract.