Doing the same thing over and over again can be very boring. This also applies to our

sexual routine. Are you ready to start experimenting with something a little different? Good for

you! Variety really is the spice of life, especially when it comes to sex.

There is documented evidence supporting the theory that humans do not find familiarity and

erotic repetition. In order to maintain a healthy monogamous relationship, you need to mix things up, evolve things, and introduce a little experimental activity like; oral sex, anal play, fantasy and role play, shaving, bondage and domination. These categories will be dealt with in depth over the coming weeks.

Hello Viewden, thank you very much for helping people like me who have diabetes and have very weak erections; but thanks to Vimax that I got from you two weeks ago, my erection is stronger and better even at 65 years old. Thank you so much. My wife’s vagina is still dry and she complains of pain during sex, what can she use? Biyi

Vimax is a stunner when it comes to correcting a weak erection and instantly giving

strong erection especially for diabetics. Vimax is a herbal supplement and as such very safe

for every man to use, including men with a medical condition. To prevent vaginal dryness and pain

during sex, your wife may take lubricants such as Mood, liquid sex, Humid, Jo system lubricate

the vagina and once done, the pain should not be observed unless there is an infection.

She can also get Germany sex drops with arousal gels like Mood, Crazy Girl, Horny-honey

gel, 69 lick me etc. to excite him. If she’s really aroused, her vagina will be naturally wet.

I ordered Xzen 1200 of you, but I found out that it didn’t really give me that VERY strong

the erection I want, because I wanted it really hard. A friend gave me only 2 pills of Extend more

and I had my very hard erection. Can I get it from you? Bonniface

Hello Bonniface, Xzen 1200 is very effective for a lot of things, just that it is sensitive to body type

that is, he chooses the body in which to work, so do not be discouraged because many people

got used to Xzen 1200 because of its effectiveness, don’t worry; Extend more gives very strong

erection too and corrects premature ejaculation in men, maybe this is why most men prefer

  1. Yes you can take Extend more because it is very safe.

I am a 45 year old male without an erection for 6 months, although I have type 2 diabetes

man and I tried different activators but a doctor friend referred you to me,

what treatment can I start with to correct this dysfunction, because I am ashamed of myselfOlu

Mr. Olu, I understand that feeling of not being able to satisfy your wife, but don’t worry I will

advises you to start taking either Vimax Where Prosolution daily for the next two to three months. You

can also use your diabetes medicine as it does not affect it; just that you should go four hours

interval when using either supplement. You should start to notice arousal and a small erection in

the first three days of use and as you progress into the second week a hard erection should be noticed.

i am currently using Vigrx more with penis pump and I started to notice that my penis

getting bigger, but I need more length. Do I continue to use them and for how long do I need to

need to use to get about 2 inches added to the length? Okoro

Vigrx more and penis pump are very effective in increasing both the length and thickness of

the penis. As I used to say, the enlargement starts from the width of the penis before progressing to

the duration. If you want to add about 2 inch or so, you need to use Vigrx more for to

at least 2 months with the pump and when you got the size you want, you can

stop taking the Vigrx more as it constantly opens up the penile tissue for enlargement.

What other erection stimulators can I get from you that will give a fast erection when I need it on demand? Chi

Yes, we have safe and herbal products like Man standing, Libimax plus, Plant Vigra, Sexvoltz and Xzen 1200 to name a few that will work 30 minutes after taking them and they are safe with no side effects.

That’s all we can take for this week. Adults who need any of these aphrodisiacs may call

08034666358, 07059294782 or place your order at www.viewden.com. For more information,

send us an email to: [email protected], [email protected].

Kemi Fawole (MD)

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