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The older brother of murdered girl Cheryl Grimmer has been cleared of rape charges after a judge accepted medical evidence showing he was sexually impotent at the time of the alleged offenses. Stephen Vincent Grimmer attended a six-day trial in Wollongong District Court that ended on Wednesday when Judge Justin Smith found him not guilty of three counts of sexual assault. Justice Smith discovered that Grimmer’s accuser, an adult woman he knew, was an unreliable witness and said her story “implausible”, as well as the medical evidence that showed Grimmer suffered from erectile dysfunction in the body. period, were sufficient to cast doubt on the veracity. allegations. Grimmer appeared in court via video link from prison, where he is currently serving time on separate and unrelated child abuse charges resulting from an incident in April 2016 where he inappropriately touched a girl from 14 years old while on vacation in Sussex Inlet. Read more: ‘They owned me’: How Faisel forgave his debt with the drug lords of Port Kembla, Judge Smith called the woman’s evidence ‘implausible’, saying it was both inconsistent internally and inconsistent with other evidence he had accepted. “I do not accept that the evidence of the complainant is reliable,” he said, acquitting Grimmer of all charges. The court heard the woman claimed that Grimmer raped her and tried to put his erect penis in her mouth between 2016 and 2018, then threatened to hit her if she told someone. However, Grimmer’s ex-partner testified at the trial, corroborating medical evidence that Grimmer suffered from erectile dysfunction at the time and was unable to “get or maintain” an erection. Justice Smith accepted the evidence and noted that Grimmer denied the allegations during a police interview and maintained his innocence throughout the trial. He admitted that Grimmer’s attitude towards the woman and her mother during his interview with the police had been negative, but found that this was not necessarily an indication of a guilty conscience. “His behavior and what he said about the complainant was also consistent with someone facing very serious but unfounded allegations,” he said. Grimmer will become eligible for parole on child abuse charges in March of next year. Grimmer, along with her brothers Paul and Ricki, have spent decades trying to find out what happened to their three-year-old sister Cheryl, who went missing from Fairy Meadow Beach in January 1970. Police suspect Cheryl of having been kidnapped and murdered, but the case remains unresolved. nowadays. There is no suggestion that Grimmer was responsible for his sister’s disappearance – he was only six at the time. The Illawarra Mercury Newsroom is funded by our readers. You can sign up to support our journalism here.