Visakhapatnam: It may sound strange, but teenage boys, not girls, are reluctant to share their health and sexual concerns with health counselors. This was observed in a study conducted by the Population Research Center of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on health problems in adolescents.

No less than 200 school and middle school students (10-19 years old), including 130 girls and 70 boys, were studied as part of the exercise to understand adolescent health problems. “What we have observed is that the girls come to share their problems or doubts that make them uncomfortable during the counseling. On the other hand, teenage boys also have many concerns or worries about growing up and going through puberty. However, they don’t always feel comfortable addressing these questions, said Population Research Center (PRC) researcher Dr K. Srinivas, who led the study. “Boys don’t express themselves and are tense about their genital developments. Even if they have suffered injuries to their private parts while playing or in other activities, they do not tell their parents or doctors about it uninvited. They feel like their friends will laugh if they reveal any sexual health issues. It gets worse when parents don’t know it either, ”he said.

There might be a common worry in boys, who may find their breast development embarrassing or worry that there is something wrong with them. Cumshots are also part of the problem, but they never happen, according to teen counselors.

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