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Like mental health, our sexual health is just as important as what is happening physically.


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According to the World Health Organization, sexual health is “essential for the health and well-being of individuals, couples and families, as well as for the social and economic development of communities and countries”.

The WHO states that a positive and respectful approach is required when it comes to sexuality and sexual relations when they are “viewed positively”, not to mention “the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences,” without coercion, discrimination and violence ”.

Previously, sexual health focused only on reproductive health and disease prevention, emphasizes Lovehoney Canada expert Luna Matatas, but its definition has broadened “to a definition that includes broader concepts related to physical well-being. , emotional, mental and social ”.


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Because everything is connected, a healthy lifestyle can also have an impact on what happens in the bedroom. Or shower. Or car. Or wherever you do these days.

Emotional and physical security recording

“Sexual health includes our physical and emotional well-being,” says Matatas, whether it’s getting tested for and managing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), choosing birth control methods or treating them. problems such as pain during sex or erectile dysfunction.

Emotional safety is just as important, adds Matatas, and “can be about discovering our limits and learning to respect others, to deal with trauma, to feel secure in our sexual and gender expressions and to be authentic about our feelings. likes and dislikes ”.


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Practice communication in the room

Communication is essential in all aspects of a relationship.

You can connect more to your sexual needs by being able to talk about it with a partner and invite them to share with you, ”says Matatas, who acknowledges that many people haven’t learned to really“ communicate our desires. , our fantasies and our limits. . “

“We can create safer and sexier bedroom environments when we are able to communicate our consent, talk about our sexual desires and feel that we will be heard,” she explains. “Communication can also be sexy! “

Build your sexual confidence

It’s not about a look or a body type, Matatas says, but rather “feeling like you belong to your shameless sexual experiences.”

She adds, “Sexually confident people are generally more sexually satisfied because they focus less on performance and more on pleasure and play.”


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Try erotic exploration

“Our imaginations are a great source of our arousal,” says Matatas, who suggests that watching porn or reading erotica can put you in a sexy frame of mind.

“Trying new ways to excite or please our partners allows us to stay connected to changing bodies and desires. “

Be sensual

It’s not always about orgasm, says Matatas, who calls attention to other benefits that promote sexual health.

“Sex rewards us with non-sexual pleasures like heightened sensory responses, feelings of relaxation, connection, intimacy, pleasure, stress relief and more.”

She advises simple things like “slow things down, set the mood with music, and make eye contact” as a few ways to get yourself in the mood.



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