Probiotics are all the rage these days. In addition to being used on the skin to maintain its youthful appearance, they are also extremely beneficial for fighting indigestion or preventing infections. According to the medical site Healthline, probiotics are found to be extremely beneficial not only for your intestines, but also for your vagina. Although the correlation between probiotics and vaginal health still requires some research, scientists have highlighted a few points that have been observed in relation to the effect of probiotics in maintaining a healthy and clean vagina.

In an article published in Healthline, Dr Mindy Hard, a researcher in the Department of Health Sciences at the New York Institute of Technology, said that research in recent years has helped to prove that the use of probiotics helps maintain the pH balance in the vagina.

Health experts say that there are around 50 types of microbes present in the vagina, many of which are beneficial and work to protect the vulva and prevent any type of external infection. When a person has unprotected sex or menstruation, hormonal exposure to an unsanitary environment, etc., these bacteria become active and protect the vagina from damage.

In the case of vaginal infections, there is a noticeable amount of discomfort, discharge, foul odor, and itching that could be symptoms of a bacterial infection. In order to combat these, it is important to include natural probiotics such as curd or medicated probiotics such as capsules in the diet to keep infections at bay.

A 1996 study found that women who kept a higher proportion of probiotics in their diet did not face the aforementioned problems. However, that doesn’t mean that taking probiotics alone would prevent or treat vaginal infections. But considering all the expert recommendations, there is no doubt that probiotics would prove to be beneficial to a large extent.

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