For years, smoking cigarettes has been linked to impotence in both men and women. This reason, and the fact that it is also carcinogenic, has prompted many people to embrace “safer” alternatives to smoking such as e-cigarettes and vapers.

But it looks like switching from cigarettes to vaping isn’t going to help when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

Vapoteurs, beware

A large study by doctors at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that men who vape are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.

They studied data from 13,711 men aged 20 to 65 and found that even after ruling out other possible risk factors, such as age and cardiovascular disease, there was still a high percentage of vapers who exhibited occasional episodes of erectile dysfunction.

In addition, of the 10.2% of vapers who report suffering from ED, only 2.5% reported it as a daily habit. This could potentially indicate that infrequent use of the alternative could also lead to the frustrating situation.

To raise awareness

While the authors mentioned that more studies need to be done to prove the link between vaping and erectile dysfunction, they also stressed the importance of awareness onpotential effects of vaping on the sexual organs. They wrote:

While FIN [Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems] remain under evaluation for risk reduction and the potential to quit smoking, ENDS users should be informed of the possible association between ENDS use and erectile dysfunction.

Lead author of the study, Dr Omar El Shahawy, added:

Overall, electronic cigarettes are probably less harmful than cigarettes as they replace cigarettes.

For men who smoke and want to change because vaping is less harmful, they should try to limit their vaping as it is just not without risk.