Did you know that 50% of men in their 50s and 26% of men under 40 Dyserection (DE)? You may also have heard, recently, that COVID-19 increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction nearly six times. But what you probably don’t know is that there are preventative approaches men can take to tackle the symptoms of erectile dysfunction that also improve the quality of your manhood.

We’re not talking about the typical approaches you already know: drink less alcohol, exercise more, or eliminate cigarettes from your daily routine (although these are recommended). But before we get into these different approaches to preventing erectile dysfunction, here are the reasons why so many, if not all, men suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

It’s all about the plumbing

When you turned 20 years; two major changes have started to take place in your body without your knowledge.

  1. The first one has your body stopped generating New blood vessels in your penis. Blood vessels are essential for your erections because they are the only channels that deliver blood to the penis. Fewer ducts equals less blood, resulting in weaker erections.
  1. The second is that microplate begins to form in your blood vessels, which is called atherosclerosis. As you get older, the microplate in your vessels continues to build up and begins to act as a dam, preventing blood from passing through the penis. Because of this, men may start to notice that their erections are not as strong as they used to be. Which can ultimately lead to struggles with ED.
  1. If you’ve had COVID-19, this next part will apply to you (ignore if you’ve never had COVID). Doctors around the world have said the virus is known to cause inflammation in the endothelium, which is the inner wall of blood vessels throughout the body. Because the arteries supplying the genitals are small and narrow, inflammation can disrupt blood flow and hinder a man’s sexual response.

Summary: Your body is not making new blood vessels to drive blood to your penis, the only blood vessels you have are filled with plaque, which reduces blood flow, and the inflammation caused by COVID-19 strangles the little blood that is able to pass. It looks like a pickle!

How to optimize your pipes

  • Nitric Oxide Supplements: Nitric oxide plays an important role in erectile function. Nitric oxide is necessary for the muscles of the penis to relax. Relaxation allows the chambers inside your manhood to fill with blood. Think of your penis as a sponge. When a sponge has been used and left to dry, it becomes brittle and shrivels. But when you immerse that sponge under water, it grows, becomes sturdy, and dare we say… juicy. The same thing happens to your penis with nitric oxide.
  • Vacuum pumps: Austin Powers was definitely on to something! Research has shown that penis pumps can improve erection quality in 84-95% of men. While these pumps don’t make it bigger, they will make it easy for you to pump your manhood with the blood it needs on a regular basis. The device uses suction to increase blood flow to your penis, causing an erection. Once you have an erection, you can use a ring to tighten the blood so that your penis stays full. Pumping should be done regularly, even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, to keep everything working properly between times when you are not having sex. Think of it as a weekly workout routine – for your waste!
  • GAINSWave© Therapy: GAINSWave is the premium brand of extracorporeal shock wave therapy for ED, performed by highly trained medical providers. Don’t worry … nothing is happening shocked! The GAINSWave procedure breaks the formation of microplates in your blood vessels and stimulates the growth of New blood vessels. By emptying your pipes and giving your body the boost it has to groww blood vessels, it will help you regain the performance you experienced during your 20 years! Studies Show Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Can Dramatically Improve endothelial function. For example, a recently published study found that low-intensity shock waves stimulate receptors within the endothelium to release growth factors, which promotes angiogenesis and helps fight inflammation and fibrosis.

It’s time to give your manhood a tune

Most men take their cars for routine maintenance and tune-ups to make sure everything is running smoothly or even better., bbut they don’t apply the same ethics to their penises.

The good news is that there are hundreds of doctors across the country, and in your community, who are focused solely on helping men to optimize their performance so they can avoid things like erectile dysfunction. Click here to see who in your area can help give your manhood the focus you deserve.